Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/27 Coupon Inserts

Just a heads up: you're going to want to get multiple newspapers this week. There will be 3 inserts, including the monthly P&G insert. Before couponing I used to think that insert was a waste, but those companies often put those EXACT items in the monthly insert on sale at the END of the month. For example, all the September P&G inserts (found in the 8/30 paper) are expiring 9/30 this week and guess what?? The drug stores are having a field day with the P&G sales!! I plan on getting 5 extra papers. I know some hardcore couponers get 10-20 every week, but I feel if it's a coupon I really need I could trade for it on A Full Cup or Hot Coupon World, or even find it on eBay. Happy Sunday morning!

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