Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Owned Markets Deals 6/7

These are the deals I see this week. My favorites are bolded.

BOGO Sargento Shredded Cheese, use two $.50/1 from 4-18 SS
BOGO Real Goodness Lactose Free Milk, use two $1/1 from 5-16 SS
$.40 Breyers Yogurt, use $1/10 from 3-28 SS
$.50 Swiss Tea 1/2 gal, use $.55/2 from 5-23 SS
$.83 Ragu, use $1.25/3 from 5-23 RP
$.99 Shurfine Apple Juice 64 oz
$1.00 Cheez Itz, use $1/1 printable
$1.00 Red Baron Pizza By The Slice, use $2/1 printable
$1.29 Clorox Bleach, use $.25/1 from 6-6 RP
$1.29 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, use $1/1 from 5-9 SS
$1.50 KC Masterpiece Marinade, use $1/1 from 5-9 SS
$1.72 Tony's Pizza, use $1/2 printable
$1.99/lb Ground Beef
$1.99/lb Clearfield American Cheese, use $1/1 from 5-23 SS
$2.00 Clorox Cleanup, Clorox Wipes, or 409, use $1/2 from 6-6 RP
$2.00 Turkey Hill Ice Cream, use $1/2 from 4-11 or 5-2 RP
$2.00 Red Baron French Bread Pizza, use $.75/1 from 5-23 SS
$2.00 Kunzler Bacon, use $1/2 from 5-23 RP
$2.49 New England Coffee, use $1.50/1 from 3-21 RP
$2.99/lb Kunzler Black Forest Turkey Ham, use $1/1 from 5-23 RP
$3.50 Red Baron Pan Pizza, use $1.50/1 from 4-25 SS
$4.50 Freschetta Pizza, use $1/1 printable

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Frugal Friday: Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener

Before couponing, I actually never used fabric softener GASP! It was one of the things we went without growing up unless my mom got a REALLY good deal on it and I guess I didn't realize what I was missing. OMG I LOVE FABRIC SOFTENER!! LOL Unfortunately the supply can run low between deals and I found this awesome recipe for homemade fabric softener from The Grocery Cart Challenge. Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 6 cups distilled white vinegar
  • 8 cups water
  • 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil scent (she suggests lavendar, lime, or orange)

You can read the whole directions HERE, but you basically put the baking soda in a one gallon container and slowly add the vinegar (think 2nd grade volcano project hehe) and then add the rest. Use 1/2 cup to a load of laundry. Simple and super cheap!

Free Welch's Juice @ Family Dollar

This deal could not come at a better time, the bugger is downing juice like nobody's buisness! Welch's juice is priced at $2 through 6/7. Use this $2/1 printable and get them for free!

If you need apple juice also, Walmart currently has the larger jugs of Reduced Sugar Apple Juice for $1.50 which is a phenomenal price for juice -- no coupons needed!

Thanks, Weekly Grocery Challenge!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weis Deals 5/30

$.25 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations (if included in sale), use $1/1 from 5-16 SS
*$.36 Yoplait Yogurt, use $.40/6 from 4-18 SS
$.40 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, use $1/2 from 5-23 SS
*$.50 Heluva Good Dips, use $.50/1 printable
$.50 Bar S Hotdogs, use $1/2 from 5-16 RP
*$.50 Smart Balance Sour Cream, use $.50/1 from 5-23 SS
$1.16 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees, use $5/10 printable
$1.29 Purex Detergent, use $.35/1 printable
$1.49 Oscar Mayer hot dogs, use $1/2 from 5-16 SS
*$1.50 Weis 1.5 Doz Eggs
*$1.50 Almond Breeze Milk, use $1/1 from 5-23 SS
*$1.99 Smart Balance Milk, use $.75/1 from 5-23 SS
*$2.00 Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer, use $.75/1 printable or $.50/1 from 5-2 SS
*Buy $12 get $3 OYNO, Buy $20 get $7 OYNO (based on shelf prices, not sale prices)