Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walgreens Deals Week Of 9/27

Ok so I don't regularly shop at Walgreens, but I know there are a few in Lancaster County. My main reason for not shopping is that I have to take 222 to get there, and the construction right now triples my drive time. That being said, I think I might this week because the deals are just incredible. I recently read a forum that I visit daily, check out my "newbie" Walgreens scenarios this week:

Scenario #1

1 Vaseline $6.99

Total= $6.99

Minus $1.50/1 Vaseline IP

Total Oop= $5.49 plus tax earn $7 RR


Then...1 Halls $1

1 Robitussin $2.49

1 Emergen C $3.49

1 Cheap Filler .09 (check your clearance caps for .09 items if not then get .25 pen or pencil and use the wags in ad q)

Total= $7.07

Minus$7 RR from Vaseline

Total Oop= .07 plus tax earn $1 RR, $2.50 RR and $3.50 RR


Then...1 Chapstick Fresh Effect $2.99

1 Dentek Floss $2

1 Herbal Essence $2.99

1 Cheap Filler .09

Total= $8.07

Minus$1 RR from Halls

$2.50 RR from Robitussin (wyeth)

$3.50 RR from emergen C

$1/1 Herbal Essence Manu q

Total Oop= .07 plus tax earn $3 RR from Wyeth, $2 RR from Dentek, $2 RR from P&G (Herbal Essence)


Then...1 Fusion Razor $8.99

2 Fillers .09 ea

Total= $9.17

Minus$3 RR from Wyeth

$2 RR from Dentek

$4/1 Fusion q from 9/27 inserts

Total Oop= .17 plus tax earn $6 RR

If all goes well, I should end up with Vaseline lotion, Halls (Dad loves these), Robitussin, EmergenC, Chapstick Fresh Effect, Dentek Floss, Herbal Essence, Fusion Razor, and 3 cheap fillers for a grand total of $5.80 and end up with a $6 RR to use next week!

Thanks, sleepy832!

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