Saturday, January 16, 2010

HOT Pepsi Deal

We are so excited here over this Pepsi deal starting tomorrow!! Check it out:
CVS will have Pepsi fridgepacks on sale 6/$20, get $10 ECB back. They've also just released a new $5/$20 printable coupon! Now this particular coupon is found in a newspaper in California, but CVS releases it to be printed and used in any store, I have personally used these many times before and have never had a problem. Here's what I'm doing tomorrow AM:
6 Fridgepacks= $20
-$5/$20 printable
-$10 ECB
=$5, or $1.20 per fridgepack, OR $.10 per can!!! AND get $10 ECB back!!
Then I'll turn right back around and do it one more time because this deal has a limit of 2 per card!
Now, if you are new to shopping at CVS or have no ExtraCare bucks (ECB) to start with, do the initial deal and you'll spend $15 OOP (which still isn't all that bad, $2.50 per fridgepack) and then you'll have the $10 ECB to use on the 2nd time. Cans of soda just don't get any cheaper than this, folks!
I would HIGHLY suggest you print or save the $5/$20 CVS coupon now (as a picture, don't just bookmark the website). They usually don't leave them up for too long and once it's gone, it's gone!

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