Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Giant & Lowes in Lancaster 2010!

So apparently they are going through with plans to build a shopping center on Colonel Howard Blvd, right off the turnpike there next to 222. The 2 known anchor stores are Lowe's and Giant. I know some people aren't happy with more development in the area, but as a lifetime city girl and a couponer, I'm kinda really excited LOL. Of course I'm hoping the Giant DOES NOT have a gas station and therefore will be an instant savings store. Just to give you an idea, Cocalico Commons Shopping Center's lot is reportedly twice the size of the Ephrata Walmart's lot. What other stores would you like to see there? Another Rite Aid? CVS? Walgreens (GASP)??


  1. Great blog! Found you by way of your comment on For the Mommas. Looking forward to reading more and love the local info!

  2. Thanks so much Caroline! There are some awesome blogs that cover the national deals, but I really wanted to keep it local. There are lots of great deals to be had in Lanc Co and I'm on a mission to find them. Thanks for reading!