Monday, February 15, 2010

$.50 Coffeemate at Shady Maple

Shady Maple has the Christmas flavors of Coffeemate creamers on sale for $1.00 right now. Combine that with the $1/2 Coffeemate coupon from 2-7 RP and you have yourself some $.50 creamers!

The only flavors they have left are the Caramel Apple (my husband's favorite), Gingerbread, and Egg Nog. Liquid creamers can definitely be frozen, I've done it many times and they taste absolutely fine.

Here are some more unadvertised deals I saw today:

Pillsbury Valentine refrigerated cookies marked down (I can't remember the price!!)
Arugula containers $1.19
Fresh herb containers $.75

On a side note, they have finished the new entrance and it looks fabulous!! I can't wait until they open the new cafe!

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