Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rite Aid & CVS Trips 7/19

So I got home and then I realized I bought the wrong Dulcolax, ugh. So I'll have to return it and buy the larger bottle. Just in case you were wondering, it's going in the yard sale bin. I can't seem to give it away to anybody!

Rite Aid Trip
2 Motts Apple Juice 9pks $5.26 (after my 20% Wellness discount)
Cottonelle 12pk $6.99
Garnier Nutri...something or other Cream Scrub $5.03 (after discount)
Garnier Nutri. Wipes $5.03 (after discount)
Dulcolax $6.39 (should have bought the $9.99 one)

-$5/$25 Video Values
-$1 Cottonelle Video Values
-$1/1 Cottonelle mq
-$5 Garnier in-ad q
-$1 Garnier printable
-$1 Garnier printable
-$2 Garnier Video Values
-$4 Dulcolax
-$5 Up Reward (from previous purchase)

Total Out Of Pocket = $3.70
Got Back = $1 Up Reward for Cottonelle, $3 Up Reward for Garnier
I will go back today and exchange for the correct Dulcolax. I should pay around $2 and be able to submit for the $9.99 SCR.

CVS Trip
(not pictured)

1 Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99 (raincheck)
-$2 Complete mq
-$5.98 Extra Care Bucks

Total Out Of Pocket = $.01
Got Back = $7.99 ECB (from raincheck)
We don't use contacts (at least not yet) but I was able to sell all of the lens solution bottles I got for free last year at our yard sale this spring for $1 each. So this will be going in the yard sale bin, but if you think about it, would you pay a penny to grow your Extra Care Bucks by $2.00? I would! :)

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